How can we inspire people around the world to enjoy tastier, healthier and more sustainable home cooking in the future?

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The public has voted and here are the Top 10 ideas that aim to inspire peoplearound the world to enjoy tastier, healthier and more sustainable home cookingin the future.


Our relationship with nutrition is becoming more and more special. Due to easily gathered information from different online and offline sources we tend to believe our knowledge is deep enough to make the right decisions to live healthy. Nonetheless frequently changing trends and often contradictory „facts” makes us groping in the dark even if we have the intention to collect the most reliable and daily knowledge. The first step is to recognize what we exactly eat and this is not an easy task. We have few information or we can hardly be sure of the authenticity of it connecting to even the seemingly most basic foodstuff. Beside that it is also important what is our motivation. Do we want delicious flavors, to gain weight, eat more healthier or more sustainable, or protect the animals? Perhaps more at the same time? To aquire clear and specific information we need many time to make a comprehensive research based on long descriptions. Cases can get complicated if we do not know exactly what are we looking for because search algorithms using habitual keywords easily can list a ton of related sites with „potato”, but they are just simply unusable if we need information about ordinary food additives like E135. (Feel free and try it. First hits are fulfilled with a ThinkPad and a dual-engined airplane.) Our personal preference is to build an easily accessible database which contains these kind of predictable questions and related answers. It is like a 3D Venn-diagram filled with the obvious and the invisible elements of nutrition illuminating each other. Behind the application there is a collaboration with well-known dietitians, food scientists and doctors to create a database based on the possible foodstuffs and ingredients which could be in our kitchen. The living database would be constantly maintained and developed due to ongoing researches, consecutive dialogues and expanding knowledge. We plan to use the following recurrent points to give the most articulate but nuanced picture for each of the elements: - What is this? - What are the positive/negative physiological effects of it? - Size of ecological footprint? - Allergens? - Nutritional and energy content? - Rating from our scientists/users - Availability (where and how easily it can be found) - Recommendation (is it harmful or not, in which dose or period could we eat it safely, etc.) Last but not least we would try to build a community. We give an opportunity to the users to put up the selected elements to a virtual kitchen shelf and if they want to eat it regularly they can upload and find shared recipes that included it. It would be a practical and convenience feature utilising the popularity of recipe sharing applications with the additional service of an attached guide telling users in which markets or restaurants can they find the ingredients or foodstuff. The name of the application is a wordplay which include two question at the same time: What is EAT? "

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